Easy Swirled Frosting

I’m taking a quick hiatus from the Great British Bake Off bakealong this week due to an upcoming trip to Las Vegas! So instead of the molten cake Technical challenge, I bring you a quick and easy tip for creating those pretty frosting swirls.

Start by coloring your frosting. I find using only two or three colors keep them well-defined and not run together.


Pipe or tip the first color onto a sheet of cling film/plastic wrap, and repeat for the rest of the colors.


Pull the furthest edge of the cling film towards you to layer the colors on top of each other.


Create a log by grabbing both ends of the cling film and quickly rotating it to seal the log. (Watch this video to see this in action.)

Multi-colored frosting wrapped in cling film

Slide one of the ends through the piping bag (with or without a tip) and snip off the twisted bit of cling film that’s sealing the colors in.


You’re ready to pipe! But before you pipe onto the cake or cupcake, do one swirl on a plate or parchment to toss. This first one mostly will be one color and won’t have a big swirl effect. I typically start piping on the cupcake with the second or third swirl.



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Author: Jorina Fontelera

I love eating carbs, feeding people and watching the Great British Bake Off (aka in the US, the Great British Baking Show). I'll be chronicling my attempts at all the challenges per GBBO season.

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